Online System

South Africa’s leading Online Booking Solution provides the most advanced policy driven system on the market with a guaranteed 25% saving on your total annual travel spend.

Policy Driven

The system is dependant on your business travel policy and strict adherence is implemented within our travel teams

Traveller Profiles

Manage traveller profiles online by entering frequent flyer information, seat and meal requirements are always met

Approval Work Flow

A customisable and flexible approval process is set up for each individual client and cost centre

Missed Savings 

Our missed savings reports will help to shape your travel policy to ensure better travel savings


An automated process that is so advanced that it issues tickets and vouchers electronically


Our technical department are able to establish integration into your own systems if required


Effective project management ensures rapid implementation and onsite support structures provided during setup


Expert support is available 24 hours a day every day of the year through various means of contact